Child in Need of Care

CHILD IN NEED OF CARE, or CINC cases, are juvenile dependency cases. These cases often begin when a child has been removed from their home by the police or a social worker. The police or social worker may remove a child from their home when they believe there is a threat of danger that they cannot protect the child from if they leave the child there. Sometimes, these cases come to court after a family has been working with a social worker, if the worker believes the family needs the supervision of the court. If parents cannot afford an attorney, both they and their children are provided attorneys for these types of cases.

Child in Need of Care Handbooks

The following handbooks give general information about child in need of care cases including process flow charts and glossaries of terms. They are not legal advice. The information in the handbook is only an overview and does not cover all situations or legal options. Legal advice depends on your unique situation. You should only take legal advice from your attorney. Please ask your attorney to answer any questions you have.