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Families in Need of Service (FINS)


Families In Need of Services (FINS) established jurisdiction of juvenile courts to intervene, to prevent the ripening of family conflict, delinquency, abuse and neglect. FINS is an intervention process aimed at preventing formal juvenile court involvement, therein reducing the number of children/youth lodged in the court system.

What is the purpose of FINS?

Who can request assistance?

When should assistance be requested?

Who is the FINS Officer?

The FINS Officer serves as a neutral third party, which helps to resolve individual/family conflict, by identifying problem areas and coordinating services without formal court intervention. There are three principal features of the FINS' process:

FINS is designed to bring together resources for the purpose of helping families to remedy self-destructive behaviors. At least five district state agencies have responsibility for providing service to families who appear before the juvenile courts:

Representatives of private community agencies may also be included. If an Informal Family Service Plan agreement is reached, both public and private agency representatives are signatories and commit themselves to the completion of the plan. If formal court intervention (adjudicative process) becomes necessary, the court has the power to order any public institution or agency and its representatives to provide available services and make semi-annual progress reports.



Family Preservation Court

Family Preservation Court (FPC) is a chance to break the cycle of addiction and build a better life for you and your family. Our team will work closely with you to help you on your path to recovery while getting your child back in your care or keeping your child safely in your care. Our main goal is to keep your child out of the foster care system and support your recovery.

FPC is a voluntary, year-long program. FPC uses a team approach. Our team is made up of a judge, a coordinator, a case manager, a Department of Children and Family Services case worker, your attorney, a substance abuse treatment professional, and a court appointed special advocate (CASA). Our team works with you to understand your needs and goals and help you meet your needs and achieve your goals. FPC uses a phase system to help us track your progress toward meeting your case plan goals. FPC gives incentives and sanctions. When you do well in the program you will be rewarded with incentives. When you struggle in the program you will receive therapeutic sanctions which will be customized to help you get back on track. We are here to support you and want you and your family to live a happy, healthy life.

Most clients will:

  • Attend court appearances
  • Submit to drug screens
  • Attend and participate in substance abuse treatment
  • Attend and participate in mental health treatment (if necessary)
  • Complete parenting classes
  • Complete your education
  • Meet with your case manager and case worker
  • Get a sponsor
  • Complete job readiness training

Next steps:

  • Your DCFS case manager or attorney will contact FPC.
  • FPC will contact you to set up a meeting.
  • Meet with the FPC coordinator and case manager to see if you qualify. At this meeting you will:
    • Receive more information about FPC
    • Answer a questionnaire
    • Complete a 10-minute screening
  • If you qualify, FPC will make an appointment for you to have a full assessment.
  • You will complete a full assessment. That assessment will tell if you are a good fit for the program.
  • If you are a good fit, you start the program!



Voluntary Transfer of Custody

This court does handle voluntary transfers of custody from a parent to a non-parent. Either the parent or the non-parent must live in Jefferson Parish AND there must be no custody judgment regarding the minor previously rendered by another court. Voluntary transfer packets are available at Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court and on this website. Please note the Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court does not address transfers of custody between parents.



Judicial Bypass

See our Printable Forms page for a printable Application for Judicial Bypass.